Please be advised, this program is intended to aid the service business owner in calculating bid pricing for his/her/their services. The manner in which a business operates at a particular location, and the results therein, are strictly the responsibility of the service business providing the service. There is a no refund policy. This computer program calculates suggested pricing based on the input entered by the user. All potential business expenses aren't included in the calculations. In addition, we strongly suggest you review the final results with another mathematical calculator as on-line computers sometimes have glitches and offer erroneous information. This has not been our experience, but if you have any problems please let us know at


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By purchasing this single session for $7.95 (US dollars), your bid generation session will start immediately. After the software starts, you should bookmark the address of the original "Welcome" page (that will be the page the software opens into) in your favorites list and the bookmark will work as a FREE 72 hour pass to this site. You may choose to acquire more information regarding your bid and then re-calculate your pricing over the next day or so. Or maybe you'll choose to show this software to your friends and associates!