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Welcome to Done! Decision making software  
Commercial Cleaning bidding software package test site  
Limited test sheet to assure your computer's ability to run this software  
and allow you to print a free "carry sheet" with your individual prices.  
1) When you’re ready to begin, click on the “master pricing” link on the top in the center. After you enter
the pricing you want projected on the "carry sheet", click the "printable carry sheet" link above on the
2) Use the print preview option (probably on your file menu, top left) and view the completed page.
If the entire document doesn't fit on one page, adjust the margins under page setup.
3) When you're satisfied with the result, click the print button on the bottom of the "printable carry
sheet" page.
Please use this test program as a trial. If you find this software will run on your computer, please
return to our home page the next time you need to calculate and/or print a bid. We will be adding
more "freebie" programs and forms in the near future to the page that brought you here. So please
keep checking back.
  Good luck with your business !    

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