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Welcome to Done! Decision making software
Commercial Cleaning bidding software package test site 2
Limited test sheet to assure your computer's ability to run this software.
This package will aid you in calculating the total square footage of a facility. It will then separate the
various types of flooring or future project work with their respective totals.
This calculating program has two pages (links at top of page) allowing for about 40 separate areas. Start
by clicking on page 1 and continue to page 2 only if necessary. On page 1 you will see a blue area that is
for circles and triangular area calculating. If all your areas are square or rectangular, just skip over the blue
area, scroll down to the yellow and white lines. The calculator will subtract the sq. ftg. of non-serviceable
area in a room (this can be helpful with calculating "L" shaped areas or areas with islands or service stations
in the room). Often it's easier to calculate one large area and then subtract the internal non-serviceable
areas, than to calculate all the serviceable areas around a fixture. Learn more about "non-servicable" areas
Please use this test program as a trial. If you find this software will run on your computer, please return to
our home page the next time you need to calculate and/or print a bid. We will be adding more "freebie"
programs and forms in the near future to our "Free Industry Tools" page. So please keep checking back.
Good Luck with your business!  

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